Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee is updating Weston’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), which has not been updated since 1996. An updated Plan will help to guide the Town’s decisions regarding the use, acquisition, and management of Weston’s treasured open spaces, conservation areas, parks, and recreational resources over the next seven years. 

The OSRP Committee worked with Town staff, consultants, and the public to gather input and prepare the updated Plan, which will be valid through 2023. 

Open Comment Period

The OSRP Committee encouraged residents to review the draft of Weston’s 2017 Open Space and Recreation Plan Update during the public comment between January 13th and February 3rd. The public comment period is now closed. The OSRP Committee is in the process of incorporating the feedback received during the comment period into the draft and seeking the required approval from the State. The final draft will be released upon approval by the State. 

Highlights of the OSRP include:
  • an inventory of Weston’s open spaces and recreation facilities
  • a 7-year action plan based on 5 overarching goals 
  • descriptions of key scenic resources 
  • background on our community’s natural resources and conservation history
  • an evaluation of how our open spaces and recreation facilities serve people with disabilities
  • accompanying maps

Why should we update Weston’s OSRP? 

  • To help preserve, protect, and improve Weston’s natural environment & recreational opportunities
  • To guide decisions regarding open space, conservation land, parks, and recreational resources
  • To craft an important reference for citizens and Town personnel
  • To aid the Community Preservation Committee in prioritizing funding requests for open space and recreation projects
  • To allow Weston to apply for certain State conservation and recreation grants

What will the updated OSRP provide for Weston? 

  • An understanding of how Weston’s citizens value our open space and recreational resources
  • An up-to-date inventory and assessment of open space and recreational resources
  • A better strategy for land acquisition/protection
  • A plan for the care of open space & recreation facilities over the next 5-10 years
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Public Participation Report

The Conservation Department worked with Conservation Works LLC to conduct public outreach as part of the process for updating the Plan. Two visioning sessions and a town-wide survey were conducted. The report is available online for residents to review.
Public Participation Report (PDF)