Winter Ice Skating


The Weston Recreation Department maintains two areas for outdoor ice skating opportunities.  Both areas are open to the public. All skating and other access to the ice is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK.


This year, there will be one outdoor rink at the Field School Field, at 20 Alphabet Lane.  As always, College Pond will be available at 269 Concord Road.  The warming hut at College Pond will be staffed on weekends and February Vacation if skating conditions are favorable.

Condition Ratings

The Recreation Department will monitor conditions at both College Pond and Field School Field and announce when conditions change.

A FAVORABLE rating indicates that ice thickness has been measured at 6-inches or more.  This is considered safe for skating, but  all skaters must SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is always the potential for weak spots and conditions could change without notice.

A rating of UNFAVORABLE indicates that conditions make skating difficult and/or unsafe.  SKATING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Current Conditions




Warming hut hours

Field School Field rink


Conditions not suitable for skating.  PLEASE STAY OFF THE ICE.


College Pond


Conditions are considered UNSAFE.  PLEASE STAY OFF THE ICE.

None planned at this time.


Receive notifications of skating conditions and warming hut hours via email or text by going to Stay Informed and subscribing to Recreation Happenings (under NotifyMe). 

For more information, please call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260.