Current Proposals

133 Boston Post Road - Board of Selectmen Approved (with conditions)

Boston Properties has presented a potential housing development concept for the Biogen Idec/Monster site (133 Boston Post Road). This is an early concept that was discussed as a friendly partnership development in the Housing Production Plan. The proposal was submitted to MassHousing in December for 345 rental units with 25% set aside at the 80% area mean income (AMI). The development, unit count, access, and other site issues need to be worked through with the Planning Board. Ultimately, it will go before the Zoning Board of Appeals. If this project is approved, the housing would substantially address Weston's affordable housing shortfall and provide mixed-family rental units, as outlined in the housing needs and strategies identified in the Housing Production Plan.
133BPR site plan


The Selectmen have sent a conditional letter of support to MassHousing, which requests further investigation into school, traffic and financial impacts to the Town, as well as a request to reduce the total number of units and to find an appropriate access road for the development. The previously proposed Church Street access has been objected to by the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board. Boston Properties is seeking an alternate access route.


Details of this proposal, including the site application documents submitted to MassHousing can be found by following this link. To follow the various public meetings of this project, residents should follow the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen.

Public Meetings

The comprehensive permit hearings through the Zoning Board of Appeals have been temporarily halted so that the Planning Board can negotiate some site issues (density and size of the commercial space with Boston Properties. It is anticipated that the hearings before the Board of Appeals will resume on September 11, 2017. Residents can subscribe to receive notification of when Planning Board meeting agendas and minutes are posted to the website, as well as the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

Updates and Comments

Boston Properties has set up an online site with meeting updates and a comments section so residents can directly ask questions of the developer. Additionally, comments and concerns from abutting neighbors have been gathered and the Planning Board is currently reviewing. 

Unsupported 40Bs Before the Zoning Board of Appeals

There are currently three 40B projects in Weston that do not have the support of the Town but have applied for a comprehensive permit. Subscribe to receive notification of Zoning Board of Appeals agendas to follow progress.
  • 104 Boston Post Road - (150 rental units on 2.1 acres) is currently under ZBA review
  • 269 North Avenue - (16 rental units on 1.49 acres). Comprehensive Permit decision received May 3, 2017. The decision has been appealed.
  • 255 Merriam St./11 Hallett Hill Rd - (10 ownership houses on 2.94 acres). Comprehensive Permit decision received Dec. 2, 2016. The decision has been appealed.