Town Departments

  1. Assessors' Office

    Learn more information about the Assessors' Office in the Town of Weston.

  2. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is responsible for the promotion and protection of public health.

  3. Brook School Apartments

    Situated in a country-like setting, the Brook School Apartments are within easy walking distance of Weston Center and its shops, churches, the library, the Council on Aging, and the town pool.

  4. Building Department

    Find building permit applications and answers to questions

  5. Conservation

    The Town of Weston is dedicated to its pursuit of conservation excellence.

  6. Council on Aging

    The Weston Council on Aging is dedicated to supporting the welfare and interests of the town’s seniors and those who care for them.

  7. Facilities

    The Facilities Department is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of all school and municipal buildings and school grounds.

  8. Finance

    Find information about the Finance Director and make online payments.

  9. Fire Department

    The Fire Department is responsible for the protection of lives and property from disasters both man made and natural.

  10. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department handles employee benefits administration for all employees and personnel administration for non-school employees.

  11. Information Systems

    The work of this office is overseen by the Director of Technology and Libraries for the School Department, who serves as the town-wide Technology Director.

  12. Inspectional Services

    The goals of this department are accomplished through the enforcement of building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire protection codes for residential and commercial construction.

  13. Weston Public Library

    The mission of the Weston Public Library is to provide materials, resources and programs for lifelong learning and enjoyment.

  14. Parking Clerk

    Find out how to pay your parking ticket, traffic fines, and more online.

  15. Police Department

    The Weston Police Department is a progressive, professional, community-oriented agency.

  16. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of streets, parks and cemeteries, operation of the transfer station, operation of the water division, storm management and providing certain engineering support to the other town departments.

  17. Recreation

    The Recreation Department offers a comprehensive and varied program of public recreation activities, services and resources to town and area residents.

  18. Weston Public Schools

    The Weston Public School District operates 5 schools in the Weston area.

  19. Town Accountant

    The Town Accountant’s Office maintains all financial records for the town.

  20. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk’s office is the custodian of the official records and documents of the town, issues dog licenses, marriage licenses, business certificates and conducts the Town Census.

  21. Town Manager

    The Town Manager's office provides support to the Board of Selectmen and supervises all departments under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen among other duties.

  22. Town Planner

    Get contact information for the Town Planner and see what this department's duties are in relation to the Planning Board.

  23. Treasurer & Collector

    The Treasurer & Collector Office issues over 34,000 real estate, water, and motor vehicle excise bills each year with additional duties specific to collection and managing Town funds.

  24. Veterans' Services

    Veterans’ services programs are mandated in accordance with Massachusetts General Law and are administered under state guidelines to provide information, advice and assistance regarding benefits to veterans and their families.