Assessors' Office Key Dates

January 1

  • Date of ownership
  • January 1st prior to start of the fiscal year. Example: January 1, 2016 for fiscal year 2017, which runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.
  • Date of valuation

February 1

  • 3rd Quarter tax bills due
  • Last day to file abatement application (Real Estate and Personal Property)

March 1

  • Deadline for filing Personal Property Forms of List
  • Deadline for tax exempt property filings of 3ABC Form
  • Deadline for filing applications for residential and personal exemptions (actual deadline is three months from the mailing date of the 3rd quarter tax bills)

May 1

  • 4th Quarter tax bills due

June 30

  • End of fiscal year

July 1

  • 1st day of fiscal year
  • Qualification date for personal exemptions (elderly, veterans, blind, etc.)

August 1

  • 1st Quarter tax bills due

October 21 - November 9

  • Impact Notices mailed and taxpayer hearings on proposed assessments

November 1

  • 2nd quarter tax bills due

Last Week in December

  • 3rd Quarter tax bills are mailed with new fiscal year assessment ("First Actual Tax Bill”)