Senior Service Program

Program Goals
  • Assist senior and disabled citizens with property tax bills
  • Increase involvement of senior and disabled citizens in municipal government and the school system
  • Acknowledge and affirm the skill and abilities of Weston's elderly and disabled citizens and the community's continuing need for their services
  • Maximum rebate of $1,000 per fiscal year per household
  • Maximum number of compensated hours to be worked is 100 (valued at $10 / hour) per year
Eligibility Requirements
  • Age 60 plus or disabled
  • Homeowner or current spouse
  • Resident of Weston
  • Own and occupy the property for which Weston taxes are paid and rebate requested
  • Difficulty meeting property tax payment
Job Opportunities
  • Municipal and school departments
  • Classrooms, offices, libraries, clinics and special projects
  • Based upon individual department needs
Selection Process
  • Applicant must meet eligibility requirements
  • Applicant must have appropriate skills for position
  • Applicant and department head must both agree there's an appropriate match
Income Guidelines & How to Apply
For more information and an application form please contact call the Council on Aging at 781-786-6280 or send an email.

Additional Information
For more information, please view the Senior Service Program Rules and Regulations page.