Senior Service Program - Rules & Regulations

Senior Service Program Policy
It shall be the policy of the Weston Board of Selectmen to provide an opportunity for certain persons over the age of 60 to provide services to the Town of Weston in exchange for compensation which is to be applied to the real property tax obligation of said person. This policy establishes the terms and conditions of this Senior Service program.

Participants in this program must:
  • Be 60 years of age or older at the time services are provided to the Town
  • Be domiciled and reside in Weston
  • Be an owner of the property to which a reduction in real estate taxes may be granted
In the case of joint or multiple owners, each may be allowed to provide service, but the combined total reduction in dollars on a domicile shall not exceed $1,000.00 per fiscal year unless a higher amount is approved in writing by the Town Manager.

An application substantially in the form accompanying these rules and regulations as Attachment A shall be filed by a taxpayer seeking to participate in the program. Said application must be filed each year the applicant wishes to participate in the Senior Service Program.

A copy of the applicant’s most recent federal income tax form shall be provided by an applicant. Priority consideration may be given to the applicant whose household income does not exceed $60,000. And further, priority consideration may be given to the applicant whose combined assessed value of their real property owned by the taxpayer in the Town of Weston shall not exceed the average residential assessed value of the Town as provided by the Principal Assessor.

The administration of this program shall be under the direction of the Town Manager who may delegate selection and assignment of volunteers to the Director, Council on Aging.

To apply, please complete the Senior Service Program Application (PDF).