Town Publications

  1. Affordable Housing Resources

    Find information regarding affordable housing in the Town of Weston.

  2. Board & Committee Handbook (PDF)

    Access the board and committee handbook from January, 2013.

  3. Community Preservation Plan

    Learn more information about the Community Preservation Plan.

  4. Council on Aging Newsletters

    Access current and past monthly Council on Aging Newsletters

  5. Dog Walking in Weston

    Help us keep Weston's neighborhoods, trails, and open spaces enjoyable for everyone.

  6. Financial Information

    Find information about the Finance Director and make online payments.

  7. How to Get Involved in Town Governance (PDF)

    Read about how you can get involved with the groups that govern Weston.

  8. Preserving Weston's Rural Character

    This publication was prepared by Pamela Fox for the Weston Planning Board, November 1998, and is intended to serve as a guideline for homeowners and developers in Weston.

  9. Recreation Program Brochures

    Discover recreation program brochures for the Town of Weston.

  10. Snow Removal Policy

    Find out how the Town of Weston handles winter weather and what the polices are regarding snow, black roads, parking, and plowing.

  11. Town Meeting Procedure

    Learn more information about town meeting procedure in Weston.

  12. Town Meeting Warrants

    Access meeting warrants for the Town of Weston.

  13. Town Operating Budgets

    Find information about the Finance Director and make online payments.

  14. Town Records (Condensed)

    Condensed Town Records are published annually, on a calendar year basis, and normally appear in the Annual Town Report.

  15. Town Reports

    Access previous and past reports for the Town of Weston.