Pay Taxes & Water Bills Online

Important Information
Before making an online payment through our service:
  • Electronic debit from checking account is free with no service fees
  • Fees for credit and debit card transactions will apply; please refer to the table for applicable fees
  • Late payments (after the due date) must be made in person at Town Hall or mailed, not made online, so that accrued interest can be correctly calculated and applied (call 781-786-5070 for interest due amount)
  • The effective date of the payment is the date payment is made through our online service
  • To pay a bill (not a ticket) by electronic debit from your checking account, have your bill and checkbook in hand; be sure to complete each screen when processing your payment
  • Accepted credit cards are American Express, MasterCard and Discover
Payment Process
Follow the payment process in order to pay your bills online.

Personal Bank Online Payments
If you currently pay your town tax and water bills through your own bank’s online service, there can be a delay of up to 10 business days for your payment to reach the Town of Weston. Consider using our online payment option instead. If you prefer to use your bank’s online service, please remember to change the bill number in the reference or memo section before submitting the payment. Forgetting to do this may result in your bill payment being credited to another person's account.

Paying Parking Tickets
To pay your parking ticket online, please visit the Parking Clerk's web page.