Transportation & Access

Weston is situated in the greater Boston area, which has excellent rail, air, and highway facilities. State route 128 and interstate route 495 divide the region into inner and outer zones, which are connected by numerous spokes providing direct access to the airport, port, and inter-modal facilities of Boston.

Major Highways
Principal highways are state routes 30, 117, and 128/I-95, the inner belt around Boston; U.S. Route 20 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90.

Commuter rail service to North Station, Boston, is available from Hastings (travel time 30-31 minutes; no MBTA parking) and Kendal Green (travel time 28-29 minutes; 100 parking spaces).

Weston is a member of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), however there is currently no bus service in town.