Community Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide

In any emergency the first line of defense to minimize the impact and extent of an emergency, is the “ordinary people.” What they do, how they do it, and when they do it, will depend on how prepared they are.

This is an online version of the booklet that is available at the:
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This guide was created to assist Weston residents in preparing their own emergency plans.

It is neither perfect nor complete. Some of the suggestions and tips may not be practical for some people. Other people may find it has missed some important points.

It does not cover comprehensive lists that other agencies such as the American Red Cross have developed.

Educational Document
It is meant to be a starting point, a tool to start the process and think about important emergency issues. It is not meant to frighten or worry anyone. It is an educational tool. Just as we teach our young children how and when to call 911, or have school fire drills, or we check for exits at hotels or large arenas, we hope the guide will be used in the same way.

This guide is a fluid document. It is designed to have pages added to it. As new information comes in and as events warrant, we will create new pages and they will be available on the town website.

You can also add your own pages, such as sketches of where your utility shut-off valves are, telephone numbers and contacts. Use this as your base document.

We welcome suggestions.

Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide Table of Contents
  1. Community Action Program
  2. Communications Protocols - Weston's Unified 911 Protocol
  3. General Planning Tips
  4. Some Emergency Do's and Don'ts
  5. Emergency Plans for the Home and Business
  6. Planning Tips for for Children, Seniors and Special Needs
  7. Pet Planning Tips
  8. Types of Emergencies
  9. Websites
  10. Blackboard Connect - Emergency Notification System