Conservation Lands & Trails

The Conservation Commission owns and maintains approximately 2,000 acres of protected land throughout Weston that is open to the public for passive recreation. Approximately 90 miles of trails, fire roads, and hilltop outlooks have been maintained for public use and enjoyment with most of the funding provided by the Weston Forest & Trail Association. A color map showing all town trails can be purchased from the Conservation Department in Town Hall for $10.

The history and ecology of the conservation areas are described by Professor Elmer E. Jones in his book Walks on Weston Conservation Land. It is available for purchase through Weston Forest & Trail or at the Conservation Office in Town Hall. The price is $15 and helps cover the cost of printing and distribution.

Guided Walks
Additionally, Weston Forest & Trail members host guided walks on the first Sunday of each month from October through May. The walking schedule can be found on the association's website. The walks are open to everyone and last approximately 1-2 hours. They start at 2 p.m. rain or shine.

Please note that while the trails are open to dogs and commercial dog walkers, the Town of Weston does have a strict policy regarding dogs on the trails. Please be respectful of everyone's enjoyment on Weston's conservation land. 

Zoom and Follow
Where are you on the trail system? Use the following version of MapsOnline on your smartphone as you walk the trails and the map will show you where you are to help you navigate through the woods! Just click the link, press "zoom" and "follow" and you're on your way!
Weston Trail Maps
Color maps are available for purchase from the Conservation Department for $10 but a few are available online.

Recommended Walks

Weston Media Center has filmed a series videos featuring some terrific trail walks. Check them out below!
Elmer E. Jones Walks on Weston Conservation Land A Guide Weston, Massachusetts