Housing Partnership Responsibilities

Strategic Plan
The Partnership’s responsibilities include the creation of a strategic plan to address the Board of Selectmen adopted housing policy “mission statement” for review by and approval of the Selectmen. As part of that process, the following steps should be included:
  • Undertaking a comprehensive look at Weston’s affordable housing stock and affordable housing needs, reviewing data previously collected and updating it as needed
  • Performing a comprehensive review and re-evaluation of all Town departments, appointed and elected boards, committees, non-profits and related groups which play (or could play) a role in the planning, development, regulation, oversight, ownership, operation, maintenance and management of housing in the Town of Weston; and make proposals for adjustments, modifications or restructuring to the extent necessary or appropriate to create a streamlined, efficient and effective structure for implementing the Town’s housing goals
  • Identifying land suitable for housing development and identifying opportunities for acquiring sites for housing development
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on zoning and land-use regulations to the extent they affect or could be used to promote affordable housing
    • Working with the Board of Selectmen to prepare for adoption of Weston Affordable Housing Trust Fund by Town Meeting
    • Creating priorities and criteria for use of the Weston Affordable Housing Trust Fund
    • Participating in review of 40B proposals
    • Reviewing and making recommendations on housing proposals that are seeking local support or permitting
    • Staying informed and serving as a source of information about available local, state and federal programs, resources and funds
    • Serving as a resource to developers and as a bridge between developers and Town staff, boards and committees, as appropriate
    • Increasing public awareness and educating residents of the Town of Weston about affordable housing