Current 40B Proposals

40B Proposals without Town Support

The following development proposals are not Town-supported but have been approved by the state utilizing MGL Chapter 40B provisions. Under Chapter 40B, a developer seeks Site Approval through the state by submitting an application to MassHousing. MassHousing then notifies the Town and gives 30 days for the Selectmen and Town Departments to provide comment on the proposal. After comments are received, a decision by MassHousing is given and, if approved, the developer then goes before the Town's Zoning Board of Appeals for a Comprehensive Permit. Further comments are allowed at the Zoning Board's public meeting.

The Zoning Board of Appeals process is a judicial process where the board members hear the proposal within a set time frame and then make a decision at the end. This is a prescribed process set by the state.

To follow the comprehensive permit process, please subscribe to receive agenda notifications from the Zoning Board of Appeals. All meetings are open to the public.

104 Stony Brook LLC: 104 Boston Post Road - 154 units on 2.1 acres

Berardi Properties and Layline Ventures LLC has filed its comprehensive permit application with the Town for 154 rental units (39 affordable) on 2.1 acres of land, after receiving site approval from MassHousing in February. The project proposes a five story building over a 2-story below-grade parking garage and will keep the existing historical Sibley House. The proposed density is 73.3 units per acre with 72 one-bedroom, 63 two-bedroom and 19 three-bedroom units. Comments from various Town Boards and Committees can be found below, along with the site application materials that were submitted to Mass Housing. On January 4th, the Board of Selectmen voted to withhold approval of the Stony Brook Weston PEL for reasons outlined in its letter below. 

40B Concept at 104 Boston Post Rd


Kendal Village: 269 North Avenue - 16 units on 1.46 acres

Comprehensive Permit with Conditions: Decision - May 3, 2017
front view_smaller.jpg

Application Received March 8, 2016

Silver Hill: 255 Merriam Street / 11 Hallett Hill - 10 units on 2.94 acres - Decision Appealed


ZBA Decision for a Comprehensive Permit for this 40B development - Dec. 2, 2016 (PDF)