Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee

Duties & Responsibilities
The Committee is charged with assisting in updating Weston’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, which was last updated in 1996 and expired in 2002. The projected delivery date is the end of 2016.

Committee members are tasked with contributing content and feedback, assisting with gathering public input, and reviewing drafts throughout the process of updating the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan. Staff members will undertake writing, editing, data gathering, and project management.

Broad public input will be sought throughout the update process.

At-large Members
Joel Angiolillo, co-chair
Kristin Barbieri, co-chair
Pamela Fox
Michael Pappone

Members Representing Committees
Alex Anza, Agricultural Commission
George Bates, Weston Forest & Trails
Cynthia Chapra, Conservation Commission
Victoria Whalen, Recreation Commission