Case Estates

As of June 8th, the Town of Weston finally owns the Case Estates. The remediation work has concluded and the Harvard contractors are demobilizing, but will periodically conduct vegetation maintenance over the new few months.

Now that the land finally belongs to Weston, how we as a community use the Case Estates is a question to be answered by all residents, so public input will be vital and necessary in the planning process.

Draft Plan

On September 29th, Mr. Wirth will be presenting to the Selectmen a draft master plan for the Case Estates to help future planning of the land. This plan was shaped by the following:
On March 12th, Selectman Michael Harrity hosted a public hearing to provide an overview and update on the land and to solicit feedback from residents. The Selectmen engaged landscape architect Tom Wirth to review the land in conjunction with past recommendations from two former committees (those reports can be found on the right) in order to help the Town understand the land potential. 

On June 18th, Selectman Harrity and Mr. Wirth hosted a public visioning session 
to begin the visioning and planning of the 62.5 acres of historic open land and buildings that finally belong to the Town. 

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Case Estates parcel map 2006.jpg