Josiah Smith Tavern & Old Library Reuse

The Josiah Smith Tavern/Old Library Working Group is continuing its oversight of both proposals/proponents and the recommended reuse concepts for the two historic buildings in Weston Town Center. A summary of the vision and rationale behind the Working Group's recommended reuses can be found on the "Recommended Reuse" web page

Josiah Smith Tavern

A funding request for design and engineering fees for the adaptive reuse of the Josiah Smith Tavern was approved by the 2017 Annual Town Meeting. The appropriation of $630,000 is for architectural design and engineering fees. The CPA-money include the funds required to bring the Tavern and Barn to standards compliant with health and safety codes. This project will come back to a future Town Meeting for a request for construction funds.

The project is currently with the Permanent Building Committee. Residents can subscribe to receive notification of when meeting agendas and minutes are posted, if they would like to follow progress of this project.

Preferred Reuse

In 2016, an RFP for adaptive reuse of the building was issued and the Selectmen designated the Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern as the preferred proponent for the reuse of the Tavern, Barn, and Connector.  

The proposal by the Friends of the Josiah Smith Tavern provides for a 105-seat, "farm to table" restaurant in the Barn, Connector and original Tap Room, with subsidized rental space for Weston Historical Society, Weston Forest & Trail Association and the Women's Community League of Weston. The second floor ballroom of the Tavern will be available for community and tenant use and landscaping around the buildings will provide a natural garden setting with walking paths and benches.

Ownership of the building will remain with the Town and both taxes and rent will be paid by the restaurant operator:

Reuse Approvals

Unanimously approved by the Josiah Smith Tavern/Old Library Working Group, the Community Preservation Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Selectmen, these plans intend to complement the planned reuse of the Old Library as the Weston Art and Innovation Center, as well as provide for a variety of activities to help foster community interaction in the Town Center. The Traffic & Sidewalk Committee also unanimously approves the Josiah Smith Tavern reuse with the understanding that the design funds include additional parking/traffic studies to quantify the impacts of the proposed re-use.

Old Library/Weston Art & Innovation Center

The 2016 Annual Town Meeting voters overwhelmingly approved the design funds for the Old Library so the Weston Art & Innovation Center (WAIC) can move forward towards the next step.

It is anticipated this project will come before the November 2017 Special Town Meeting for construction funds.

The WAIC Advisory Board is actively planning and hosting several art and community programs. To learn more, visit the WAIC website or subscribe to receive notification of events posted to the Community Events calendar. Interested residents can also subscribe to receive notification of posted meeting agendas and minutes of the WAIC Advisory Board, the Board of Library Trustees, and the Permanent Building Committee to follow progress of this project.

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