School Campus Traffic & Parking

The Traffic and Sidewalk Committee (T&SC) hired the engineering consultant Vanasse Hangen Brustlin to complete a comprehensive review of traffic circulation and parking at the campus of the High School and Middle School.

Study Completion
This study (PDF) was completed in mid-2013, concluding with a presentation to the School Committee for further action. The T&SC narrowed its preferred alternatives to 2, each of which includes traffic signals at various locations on Wellesley Street and potential changes to the existing 1-way and 2-way flow of traffic on the campus driveways.

Bus Stop Consolidation
This study includes the proposed consolidation of the 2 bus stops to a single location at the Middle School pool entrance loop. The T&SC has solicited input from key stakeholder groups:
  • Both the High School and Middle School PTOs
  • School Committee
  • School Department staff
It has been decided to hold on this project until the Wellesley Street/Brown Street Intersection project is finished and its impacts have been studied.