Textile Recycling

Textiles, such as rags and shoes, can greatly contribute to the solid waste stream. Textile recycling industries claim that 95% of all unwanted textiles can be recycled: 45% as usable clothing, 20% fiber conversion (pillow stuffing, household insulation, car seat stuffing, etc.), and 30% wiping cloth grade.  

Several charitable organizations that have bins at the Transfer Station, such as Goodwill, WILL accept the following: 

  • ALL clothing and footwear - even worn out or damaged
  • old rags (nothing wet/moldy or contaminated with hazardous substances)
  • bed and kitchen linens
  • curtains 
  • and other textiles (stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, throw rugs, etc.)

Read more from the DPW

Textile Recycling (PDF)
More information on textile recycling can be found: