Lamson Park

Construction Paused

Construction of the playground has been paused due to soil testing and remediation. There was a concern with the safety of the soil in the sub-grade which prompted the testing.

Testing analysis has been completed within the playground area.  An area of extent identifying where elevated levels of lead have been found has been established and will require remediation.  The town will remediate by having the contaminated soil removed and replaced with clean soil. This work is being arranged through the Town Manager's office and the Recreation Department.  Remediation will be completed before playground construction resumes.

There is also concerns about elevated levels of arsenic found in the wooded area behind the playground.  It is possible that these findings could qualify for certain exemptions with further analysis.  Construction may continue while this analysis is being carried out, the Town will make sure that the playground and the areas around it meet all safety requirements before being opened to the public.

The Recreation Commission spoke with members of the Board of Health at its Nov. 17th meeting, video of which is available online (starting at minute mark 17:00)

Any resident with questions may call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260.