Lamson Park

Construction Paused

Construction of the playground has been paused due to soil testing and remediation. There was a concern with the safety of the soil in the sub-grade which prompted the testing.

Testing analysis has been completed within the playground area.  An area of extent identifying where elevated levels of lead have been found has been established and will require remediation.  The town will remediate by having the contaminated soil removed and replaced with clean soil. This work is being arranged through the Town Manager's office and the Recreation Department.  Remediation will be completed before playground construction resumes.

Soil remediation has begun and was interrupted by rainy conditions and high levels of ground water. Further analysis has been completed and continued remediation efforts will begin in mid-to late-May. Additionally, new material was found outside of the previously identified area of extent.  This is currently being analyzed to determine whether further remediation is necessary and the scope of that remediation.

As part of the remediation, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Agency (MassDEP) is placing an Activity Use Limitation (AUL) on a small area to the north of the playground (indicated on the attachment as ARC-5). This is the area where elevated levels of arsenic was found as described above.  The levels found are reportable but do not qualify as an Immanent Hazard according to MassDEP.  As part of the AUL, the fence that crosses the southwest portion of the playground will simply be extended to the northern and eastern sides, completely enclosing the playground.

The MassDEP tracking number for this remediation effort is 3-34108

For questions regarding this project, please call the Recreation Department at 781-786-6260.