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Posted on: January 12, 2018

Step Up Your Recycling Efforts - Textile Recycling


Did you know……. every year in Massachusetts, over 260,000 tons of textiles are disposed of in incinerators and landfills when 95% can be reused or recycled for its scrap value?  Many people are unaware of what clothing and other textiles they can donate and recycle. There is no need to question the condition of out-of-style or worn clothing. Torn shirts, paint-stained pants, backpacks, old pocketbooks, belts, stuffed animals even without stuffing, blankets, pillows and even a single shoe or sneaker can be recycled in the used clothing collection containers.

It’s possible to recycle almost 100% of all the above items, and more. All you have to do is make sure they are dry before you place them into the collection container.

Textile recycling creates jobs, funds charitable organizations, promotes small businesses and encourages recycled product development. Many local textile recyclers offer meaningful employment to special needs workers.

In fiscal year 2017 Weston’s Transfer Station recycled 141,327 pounds of textiles, which equates to 71 tons diverted from the solid waste stream. This saved the Town of Weston $4,686 in disposal fees along with the added benefit of much of the used clothing and other recycled items finding their way to needy families in Massachusetts.

Weston’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility’s success starts with you, the Weston Resident. Your efforts make it possible for the Facility to sell good quality recyclables for the best possible market prices. In fiscal 2017 total sales of recyclables was over $19,000. The more revenue received from recyclables, the less likely the permit fee will increase.

Please be sure to take a few moments to separate recyclables from the trash. By keeping recyclables out of the solid waste compactors, we can save our natural resources, protect the environment, and help keep the permit fee cost from increasing. Learn more about all that can be recycled at

For more information about recycling and Weston’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility call John Zaccardi, Supervisor of the DPW Solid Waste and Recycling Division at 781-786-5165 or email John at

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