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Feb 08

Consider Adopting Before Shopping

Posted to Animal Control Corner by Kara Fleming

Have you been considering bringing a new pet into your life? Have you ever thought of rescuing a pet? Learn more about pet adoption or fostering in this post.

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Feb 23

February Update

Posted to Wayside Rail Trail - Weston by Kara Fleming

Committee Chair Mark Horowitz provides a brief update of what his committee has been up to in the last few weeks, an opportunity for a state grant, and the City of Waltham's trail link.

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Feb 07

Update #1 - Construction is about to begin

Posted to Weston Art & Innovation Center by Kara Fleming

The advisory board of the Weston Art and Innovation Center is excited to announce that construction is about to begin on the Old Library! 

In this update, find out what to expect as construction begins. Be sure to sign up for email or text alerts for the next update at Look for the Weston Art and Innovation Center Blog

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