Grade 10

World Studies

Course 216, Full Year 5 Credits

Course Description

Note: Students enrolled in this course will receive 5 credits for English and 5 credits for history.

Thi s interdisciplinary course curriculum emphasizes 19th and 20th century world history as outlined in the “Tenth Grade: World History” course (Course 215 above) and integrates literature related to the geographic regions and the historical periods studied. Readings are selected to complement and enhance both the English and history curricula. Writing, research skills, vocabulary development, debating, and assessing evidence will be emphasized. English and history teachers will be paired to co-teach the same groups of students.

(A description of this course appears in both the English and History/Social Science sections of this Program of Studies.)


Sections and Teachers

This Course is not running for 2006-07 academic year


History/Social Studies Department Chair

Jim Murphy