Advanced Placement

European History

Course 241, Full Year 5 Credits

Course Description

The course examines major events and trends in European History from the Renaissance to the present. The aim of the course is to go beyond exposure to factual narrative. The intention is to develop (a) an understanding of some of the principal themes that reflect Europe’s social, intellectual, an political modernization during this period; (b) an awareness of Europe’s changing position in the world; and (c) an ability to analyze historical evidence.  Students should learn to assess historical materials and to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship. The course is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with problems and to present ideas clearly and persuasively in essay format.  The course prepares students for intermediate and advanced level college courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those of full-year introductory college courses. Only students who are highly motivated and have a strong interest in European History should take this course.

Admission to this course is by record and departmental recommendation.

Sections and Teachers

Kay Cottle

Jim Murphy


History/Social Studies Department Chair

Jim Murphy