History/Social Studies Department

Program of Studies/Course Descriptions

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the history/social science curriculum is to help students acquire the knowledge, judgment, and skills to participate intelligently and responsibly in civic life and to continue to learn for themselves.  Essential skills of reading and writing expository materials, using library resources and technology, reading maps, interpreting documents and data, presenting research, and participating in discussions are taught and reinforced in all courses, grades 6-12.

All required high school courses and most electives have a required summer reading component. Students are assigned one to three titles to be read by September, and are responsible for obtaining reading lists when they select their courses.  Students’ understanding of the books is assessed at the beginning of the school year.

Course Offerings


Grade 6: Social Studies

Grade 7: History of Ancient Civilizations

Grade 8: United States History Through the Civil War

Grade 9: World History 500 to 1815, or Honors World History 500 to 1815

Grade 10: World History 1815 to Present, or World Studies, or AP World History

Grade 11: United States History Reconstruction to Present, or AP US History


Contemporary Asia and Africa

Debating National and International Issues (Grades 9-12)

Microeconomics (Grades 9-12)

Introduction to Business I (Grades 9-12)

Introduction to Business II (Grades 9-12)

United States Government (Grades 11-12)

AP European History (Grade 12)

Senior Social Science (Grade 12)


History/Social Studies Department Chair

Jim Murphy