Amnesty International

Co-Presidents: Josh Bookman and Julie

Secretary: Rachel Mazzella

Treasurer: Kevin Stirling

Advisor: Ms. Kurata

Amnesty International, USA, a branch of Amnesty International, works every day, all over the nation to prevent abuses of human rights, both in this country and worldwide. The Weston High School chapter has worked on many of the campaigns for Amnesty, including the ongoing Campaign Against Torture, the fight against the death penalty, and recently has worked to educate about and raise money for Darfur, Sudan. We combine traditional letter-writing activism with online action, including working with Fast Action Stops Torture (FAST), and the Urgent Action Network (UA).

We meet in Room 32 during Activities block.  Please come by and help stop human rights abuse all over the world.

Weston High School Student Activities Amnesty International page

Take action against human rights violations now.

Amnesty USA Online Action Center