Johnny Tremain Projects        

        1. Many famous historical characters appear in Johnny Tremain. Research at least 2 of the characters and explain their significance in the American Revolution. Additionally, explain how Esther Forbes weaves them into her historical fiction novel, Johnny Tremain.
  • Paul Revere
  • John Hancock
  • Josiah Quincy
  • John Adams
  • Sam Adams
  • James Otis
  • Whigs
  • Tories
  • Governor Hutchinson
  • General Gage
  • Sons of Liberty

Historical Characters and Events Information Site
Sites About Paul Revere and silversmithing [facts about "midnight ride"]
Grolier Encyclopedia

        2. Research at least 2 of the following historical events and discuss how they contributed to the rising action of the American Revolution:
  • Tea Tax
  • Stamp Tax/Sugar Act
  • Stamp Act #2
  • Coercive Act
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Battle of Lexington
  • Townsend Act

Historical Characters and Events Information Site

        3. Print out Longfellows's famous ballad: "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere". Recite the ballad for our class, adding 2 of your own stanzas which may be inserted anywhere into the poem.

"Midnight ride of Paul Revere" Ballad

        4. Write a poem that captures the spirit of the American Revolution. Go to the following poetry website to help you with thematic ideas:
and the rhyming dictionaries at:

        5. Find historical maps of Boston and the related areas during the time of the Revolution. Make a large colorful map on posterboard that depicts the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church, the Common, Paul Revere's House and the site of famous Revolutionary battles.
Freedom Trail        Interactive Map        The Freedom Trail and Other Important Sites
        6. Related Readings: You may choose one of these novels and write a summary. Additionally, compare the novel you've chosen to Johnny Tremain.

        My Brother Sam is Dead by James and Christopher Collier

        April Morning by Howard Fast

        7. Create a Power Point Presentation, giving an overview of Johnny's Boston and the events leading to the Revolution.
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