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3. Communication Technologies

Broad Concept: Ideas can be communicated though engineering drawings, written reports, and pictures.


3.1 Identify and explain the components of a communication system, i.e., source, encoder, transmitter, receiver, decoder, storage, retrieval, and destination.

The BBC uses this powerful antenna to broadcast and receive signals from satellites.

3.2 Identify and explain the appropriate tools, machines, and electronic devices (e.g., drawing tools, computer-aided design, and cameras) used to produce and/or reproduce design solutions (e.g., engineering drawings, prototypes, and reports).
3.3 Identify and compare communication technologies and systems, i.e., audio, visual, printed, and mass communication.

3.4 Identify and explain how symbols and icons (e.g., international symbols and graphics) are used to communicate a message.


Communications Technology Test Items(2)

Infra-Red Transmitter, Lego Mindstorm RCX

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