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5. Construction Technologies

Broad Concept: Construction technology involves building structures in order to contain, shelter, manufacture, transport, communicate, and provide recreation.

Resource Link: Teacher's Domain- Construction Technologies


5.1 Describe and explain parts of a structure, e.g., foundation, flooring, decking, wall, roofing systems.

5.2 Identify and describe three major types of bridges (e.g., arch, beam, and suspension) and their appropriate uses (e.g., site, span, resources, and load).

5.3 Explain how the forces of tension, compression, torsion, bending, and shear affect the performance of bridges.

5.4 Describe and explain the effects of loads and structural shapes on bridges.

MCAS Test Items(10)

Echo Bridge, Newton, Massachusetts

Birches- a poem about natural, flexible structures

"...According to Jacob Bronowski, a turning point for man began when he developed the capacity and summoned the will to cut and split materials to form his structures. It was the difference between agressively probing the structure of elements and passively submitting to their raw forms..."

-Ted Benson, in Building the Timber Frame House

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