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4. Manufacturing Technologies

Broad Concept: Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials (primary process) into physical goods (secondary process), involving multiple industrial processes, e.g., assembly, multiple stages of production, quality control.

4.1 Describe and explain the manufacturing systems of custom and mass production.

4.2 Explain and give examples of the impacts of interchangeable parts, components of mass-produced products, and the use of automation, e.g., robotics.
4.3 Describe a manufacturing organization, e.g., corporate structure, research and development, production, marketing, quality control, distribution.
4.4 Explain basic processes in manufacturing systems, e.g., cutting, shaping, assembling, joining, finishing, quality control, and safety.

Manufacturing Test Items (7)

Wooden Shavings, Woodenboat School, Brooklin, Maine

The American Industrial Revolution
Samuel Colt
Boston Manufacturing Company
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