Weston Middle School

Massachusetts Grade 8

Technology/Engineering MCAS Review

Weston, Massachusetts
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What is Engineering?

Massachusetts Science and Technology Frameworks Strand 4: Technology/Engineering

1. Materials, Tools, and Machines

Test Items

Shop Safety Rules

2. Engineering Design

Test Items

Engineering Design Content Links

Systems and Feedback

3. Communications Technology

Test Items

Communications- Notes

4.Manufacturing Technology

Test Items

5. Construction Technology

Test Items

Parts of a Structure

Bridge Examples

Renaissance Art and Technology


6. Transportation Technology

Test Items

Transportation Systems

Universal Systems Model

Transportation Vehicle Subsystems

7. Bio- Related Technology

Test Items

Bio-engineering Discussion

Weston Middle School Curriculum

Grade 7 Design-Construction

Grade 7 Lego Robotics

Grade 8 Design-Construction


Test Taking Strategies


The first engineers built siege engines used in ancient warfare- Caesar would be proud of these Weston engineers building a giant trebuchet.

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