Mass Central Rail Trail

Three miles of the former Mass Central Railroad corridor runs through the north side of Weston. It is a part of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's (DCR) plans to create a 25-mile long rail trail from Berlin to Waltham

MCRT Parking

Parking to access the rail trail in Weston is located off Church Street, on Town House Road, and off Concord Road. It has been noted on other online sources that Gun Club Lane is an access point but it is for pedestrian and bicycle access only. Cars cannot be safely accommodated at this location due to the limits of the private roadway. Click on the map below to download and print.

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Follow State Park Rules

While Weston's trails permit off-leash dog walking (under non-state of emergency orders), the rail trail is state property and as such dog walkers MUST leash their pets (on a short lead) when approaching AND walking on the Mass Central Rail Trail. Refer to the Massachusetts State Park Guide.

The MCRT is a multi-use recreational path, which means bicyclists, joggers, walkers, dogs, horseback riders, etc. need to share the trail. 

  • All users yield to horses
  • Keep to the right to allow those moving faster to pass
  • When passing, announce your approach and passing side (i.e. "On your left")
  • Keep control of your dog - do not allow them to chase or jump at joggers/bicyclists
  • Pick up and properly dispose of dog waste (in an offsite garbage bin)

Additional Trail Notes

There are no garbage cans along the trail. Take your trash, including dog waste, with you.

The trail is not plowed, which provides additional winter recreation opportunities. Please respect ski tracks by not walking or biking over them.

The Bay Circuit Trail intersects the MCRT near the Wayland town line (PDF).

Mass Central Rail Trail: The Bigger Picture

The corridor of the old Mass Central Railroad line is 104 miles long, extending from Northampton, tressle bridgeMass. to Boston. Portions of the railroad corridor have been converted to rail trails, such as the Northampton Bike Path, the Norwottuck Rail Trail, and the rail trails near Rutland, Holden, Oakdale, and Clinton; however, there are some portions that are not developed or accessible. There are several parties across the state looking to connect the entire length

These trails also connect with existing north-south trails, such as the Metacomet, Midstate, the Bay Circuit Trail and the East Coast Greenway.

The trestle bridge, to the right, is located in Weston and is of historical significance. It will be addressed in the near future, as it involves additional jurisdictional parties. 

mcrt underpass
cattle pass