New to Weston


We're a small town just outside a big city and cherished for the open spaces and scenic roadways. Find important information below to help you get situated quickly in your new home.

New Resident Set-up

Weston Street Map
GIS Maps (property, wetlands, etc.)
Directions and Office Hours (for various town buildings/departments)
Transfer Station (where to take household waste)
Utilities & Cable/Internet
Annual Census (file to get Town services)
Register to Vote in Weston (update your voter registration online or in person)
License Your Dog


Public Schools
Building Department
Council on Aging


Community Links - preschools, churches, youth sporting, and other community organizations
Conservation Lands
Public Library
Weston History
Weston Media Center

Town Government

How it Works - Open Town Meeting, Board of Selectmen and Town Manager
Town Meeting - what is it and why it is important
Financial Information/Taxes Determined
Town Projects
Master Plans & Studies
Get Involved - volunteer


Stay Informed
Social Media
Town News
Public Safety News
Staff Directory
Submit Question