133 Boston Post Road

Boston Properties has proposed a friendly 40B housing development and additional office space for the Biogen Idec/Monster site at 133 Boston Post Road. This proposal has been discussed with the Planning Board, Housing Trust, Board of Selectmen, School Committee and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

This project would help Weston meet its 10% affordable housing requirement and would help meet the housing needs and strategies identified in the Housing Production Plan. The Development Agreement for the site between the Town and Boston Properties will need to be amended, which will require approval by Town Meeting. 

This proposal has been discussed through the Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, various committees, and abutting neighborhoods before it went through extensive negotiations with the Planning Board. Background information is online.

Continued Negotiations

The Board of Selectmen and Planning Board continued to assess the situation and negotiations with Boston Properties, keeping in mind concerns expressed by abutting neighborhoods and the recent LIP proposal at 751 Boston Post Road.

The latest round of negotiations has arrived at a 120-unit, senior housing development with 195,000 sf of office space. The senior-only housing would meet a housing need identified in the Housing Production Plan.

The Planning Board engaged a consultant to visualize the viewscapes this development would create from different areas in town.

What to Watch

Modification to the Development Agreement at 133 Boston Post Road will need the approval of Town Meeting and is anticipated to come to the 2019 Annual Town Meeting. 

The Zoning Board of Appeals has scheduled a continued comprehensive permit hearing for this project on February 11, 2019, which will be continued to a future date.

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Additional Details

Background information is available online, as well as all documents submitted during the comprehensive permit hearings to date. See also: