2017 Annual Town Meeting

May 8th (1st night) - 7:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium
May 10th (2nd night) - 7:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium

Annual Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)
Board of Selectmen Report (PDF)
Finance Committee Report (PDF)
Community Preservation Committee Report (PDF)
Guide to Town Meeting Procedure (PDF)

On the night of Town Meeting, please leave enough time to park and check-in. Remember, only residents who are registered in the Town of Weston may participate in Town Meeting. 

Guide to Town Meeting Procedure


Know the Issues - Town Meeting Warrant

Warrant Article Vote Additional Info
Article 1 - Town Election & Ballot
Article 2 - FY2018 Operating Budget  Motion 1 - passed
Motion 2 - passed unanimously
Articles 3 - 16: Consent Agenda
3. Amend FY17 Operating Budget
4. Appropriate for WMC
5. Appropriate for OPEB
6. Amend General Bylaws & Authorize Spending Limits
7. Rescind Bond Authorization
8. Amend General Bylaws: denial of licenses for non-payment of municipal charges
9. Accept Ch. 90 Road Improvement Funds
Passed unanimously see warrant
Article 17 - Proctor Field & Track Reconstruction Passed 2/3rds majority www.weston.org/Proctor
Article 18 - High School Field 1 Renovation Passed 2/3rds majority www.weston.org/Proctor
Article 19 - Case Campus Master Plan Amended motion passed by 2/3rds majority:
Standing Count: 220 Yes; 94 No
"amended to eliminate funding for the parking lot on the west side of Alphabet Lane, to eliminate funding for the Case House connector, and to include within this funding work related to traffic calming for the library driveway..."

less $160,000 for a total appropriation of $1,150,000
Article 20 - Wireless Water Meter Reading System Passed by 2/3rds majority: 
Standing vote: 189 yes; 79 No
see Warrant
Article 21 - Town Center Improvement Project: Bury Utilities Passed by 2/3rds majority www.weston.org/TownCenter
Article 22 - Amend General Bylaws: Electronic, hand-held voting Passed see Warrant
Article 23 - Amend Zoning Bylaw: Personal Wireless Svc. Facilities Passed 2/3rds majority see Warrant
Meeting Adjourned 
10:40 p.m. 
May 10th @ 7pm  
Articles 24 - 27: Citizens' Petitions

24. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: driveways with 2 curb cuts

25. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: height of buildings

26. Increase required signatures for Annual Town Meeting Citizens' Petitions

27. Plastic Bag Ban
24: Amended motion passed 2/3rds majority: amendment added the following language to the motion: 
"And further, to amend Section V.B.1, By-Right Uses, by inserting a new subsection (f) as follows:
Driveways with up to two curb cuts serving a single family dwelling provided:
i. the driveway complies with Weston General By-law Article XXVII entitled “Storm Water and Erosion Control By-law” and provided there is no surface runoff of water from the driveway onto the public or private ways upon which the driveway abuts or onto other abutting properties;and
ii. there is safe vehicular and pedestrian movement onto and from adjacent ways."

25: passed-over

26: Passed
Standing vote: 226 Yes, 111 No

27: Passed
see Warrant
Article 28 - FY18 Community Preservation Committee Budget Passed unanimously see warrant
Article 29 - Josiah Smith Tavern design fees

CPC March 27th public hearing materials for CPA fund requests 
Article 30 - Affordable Home Ownership Opportunity Funds Passed FY18 CPC application & presentation
Article 31 - Feasibility Study for additional units at Brook School Apts Passed FY18 CPC application & presentation
Article 32 - RHSO & Housing Trust Staff Passed  see warrant
Annual Town Meeting Dissolved May 10th at 9:50 p.m.