Weston Art & Innovation Center

The Weston Art & Innovation Center (AIC), scheduled to open in 2019, is a branch of the Weston Public Library that will provide hands-on learning opportunities related to art and technology for citizens of all ages. In addition, the Weston Media Center will be located in the new facility, allowing greater community access to this important town resource.

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The Vision

Our vision is to offer a cost-effective, practical re-use of the Old Library that preserves the integrity of the historical building and allows public access to one of the architectural landmarks of the Town of Weston. We are creating a vibrant and active learning center that teaches skills needed for the future, as well as a place to share knowledge and skills from the past.


As a branch of the Weston Public Library, the director of the Library is also the head of the Art & Innovation Center. An Assistant Director will be hired prior to the opening of the new facility to handle the day-to-day operations of the Art & Innovation Center.

A seven-member Advisory Board, as well as a number of town employees and local volunteers, have been working since 2015 to define the vision of a community art and innovation center, gather broad town support for this vision, generate detailed plans for the physical space, and finally implement those plans.

The Board is currently focused on completing the renovations, raising the funds to furnish the building, and putting in place the staff, policies, programs, membership, and publicity channels to make the AIC a success. Visit the Leadership page on the Art & Innovation Center website for short bios of the members of the Advisory Board. You can also subscribe to receive notification of Advisory Board meetings and approved minutes. All meetings are open to the public.


The Weston Art & Innovation Center will be housed in Weston's historic library built in 1899. The building was vacated in 1996 when the Town of Weston built a new library. After being largely vacant for more than 20 years, the Board of Selectmen established the Josiah Smith Tavern/Old Library Working Group to vet proposals for reuse of the Old Library building as well as the adjacent historic tavern. The Weston Art & Innovation Center was the unanimous choice for the Old Library reuse by the Working Group (See the Recommendation to the Board of Selectmen).

In May 2016, the Town voted to allocate design funds to renovate the Old Library for use by the Art & Innovation Center and the Weston Media Center. In November 2017, after the architectural plans were complete, the Town allocated Community Preservation Act funds to renovate the building. Construction began in January 2018.

Our Old Library, an institution for learning and education since 1899, will once again be a place for the community to learn, create, and explore.