Town Manager Screening Committee

As outlined in Chapter 80 of the Acts of 2001, the Board of Selectmen has appointed a screening committee to consider applicants for the position of Weston's Town Manager. The screening committee is responsible for:

  • receiving and reviewing all applications for the position of town manager;
  • select applicants for interviews;
  • conduct one or more preliminary interviews with the selected applicants;
  • investigate the experience, qualifications and reputation of applicants deemed eligible for
    consideration as finalists;
  • evaluate the applicants in relation to the established job description for the position and
    criteria specified by the Board of Selectmen;
  • report in writing to the Board of Selectmen a summary of its activities; and
  • present to the Board of Selectmen, in writing, a list of not more than five nor, if reasonably
    practicable, fewer than three applicants deemed qualified for the position of town manager.

The Board of Selectmen will interview the committee's recommended candidates in a public meeting. The Selectmen may conduct further investigation and examination of the applicants and may appoint a town manager from the screening committee's list.

Screening Committee Members

The Selectmen have appointed the following residents:

  • Thomas Palmer, chair (former member of the Finance Committee and co-chair of the Josiah Smith Tavern/Old Library Working Group)
  • Jeri Cooper (former member of the School Committee, Finance Committee, and Dog Committee)
  • Ann Leibowitz (former member of the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee)
  • Richard Manley (former member of the School Committee)
  • Stephen Ober (former member of the Finance Committee and current chair of the Community Preservation Committee)