Town Center Improvement Project

The Town Center Improvement Project is the first opportunity in over 100 years -- since the design and construction of the Town Green -- to enhance the quality of the Town Center by addressing pedestrian and traffic safety, parking availability, and an opportunity for a variety of public activities, as well as the appearance of the Town Center. This will be the largest road construction project in Weston's history.

Over a four-plus year period, the Town Center Planning Committee, working with the Public Works Department, a team of engineers, landscape designers, and a planning consultant, has carefully addressed myriad design and engineering challenges that face any project of this size.

Access to Town Center businesses is supported and monitored, as "Businesses are Open" is a critical directive given to the construction team by the planning committee.

Construction Update - November 25th

Access to homes and businesses will always be maintained. Police Detail is on site. 


There are three construction crews working in the area Monday - Wednesday. Night work has concluded. Traffic priorities are given to emergency vehicles and school buses crossing through the area. 

  • Crew 1: - anticipate Fiske Lane Detour
    • telecom ductbank work between Colpitts Road and Fiske Lane
    • businesses are open in this area, ask for assistance from police detail if access is unclear
  • Crew 2: 
    • utility manholes on Town House Road (working up from Boston Post Road)
    • the west to east direction of Town House Road is expected to be maintained
  • Crew 3: 
    • miscellaneous work 
    • paving cleaning


Some street parking may be closed during work hours. If you require access to a business located between Concord Road and Fiske Lane, please ask for assistance if access is unclear.

  • Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained. 
  • If you need assistance accessing a business, please ask a police officer or ground crew member. 
  • If crews are working in front or near a retail shop, please look for signs indicating alternative parking areas. 

NO PARKING signs will be posted 24-hours in advance of road work. Barrels will be placed in the spaces that will not be available for parking. We ask that you take notice of these signs and refrain from parking in these areas during the posted hours. If the barrels are placed up on the sidewalk, then parking is allowed in the space.

Anticipated Work & Hours

Day work will begin at 7:00 a.m. and generally conclude around 3:00 p.m., though some days may go a bit longer. Anticipate site set up to occur prior to 7:00 a.m.

Refer to the "Three-week Look Ahead" document below for anticipated upcoming work. This document is updated weekly. 

As with all construction work, activities are anticipated as unexpected issues can arise and delay progress.

Detour Maps and Town House Road Description

Police detail is on site to direct traffic. At times, when work dictates, detour and flow adjustments (such as rush hour and access to businesses) may be made. Watch for posted signs and police in the vicinity.

Town House Road Detour - look for the "one-way" "do not enter" and other street signs indicating when this detour is in use

When the Town House Road Detour is in place, the one-way direction of Town House Road is reversed (from Church St. to BPR) during construction work hours (as needed) as crews continue utility manholes and duct banks in the Town Green vicinity.

  • Boston Post Road in the Town Green vicinity will accommodate vehicles heading east
  • Vehicles heading west in this vicinity will be detoured up Church Street and directed onto Town House Road to access Boston Post Road (at Knox Park) west-bound
  • Eastbound traffic needing to access Town House Road will be directed up Church Street
  • Southbound traffic, from Church Street (and Conant Road), will be directed onto Town House Road
  • The one-way direction change is during construction work hours only
  • Town Hall is open (M - Th 8 - 5 pm; F 8 - 1:30 p.m.)
  • Watch for posted signs indicating "one-way," "do not enter," and "detour"
  • DRIVE SLOWLY ON TOWN HOUSE ROAD - watch for signs, cars, children accessing the playground, and pedestrians accessing Town Hall - speed limit is 20 mph
  • Police detail is on site for assistance

October Progress Report

Progress photos are online: What duct banks and manholes look like; Church Street work; Aerial views; and conduit install at School St.

As of October 26, and since the start of the project in June, the contractor has focused on installing underground infrastructure including drainage, water services, utility manholes, and utility duct banks. The contractor has substantially completed the installation of drainage work:

  • 25 of 30 catch basins
  • 19 of 20 drain manholes
  • 5 of 5 water quality units
  • 2,400 linear feet of 2,800 linear feet of drain pipe installed;

The contractor has substantially completed the installation of water work:

  • 19 of 22 water services relayed
  • 200 feet of water main at Boston Post Road and Center Street installed

The contractor’s construction schedule calls for completing the installation of the primary utility duct banks by the end of the calendar year (construction season no. 1). Week 1 of night work resulted in 170-linear feet over schedule duct bank install.

Currently the Town has installed electrical and telecommunication conduits in Church Street and Boston Post Road from School Street to Center Street:

  • 37 of 69 utility manholes installed:
    • 16 of 27 Eversource
    • 13 of 17 Verizon
    • 6 of 21 Comcast
    • 4 Town Fiber
  • 7,100 linear feet of 18,000 linear feet of primary ductbank conduit installed:
    • 1,500 feet of 4,000 feet of Eversource
    • 2,100 feet of 5,400 feet of Verizon
    • 1,900 feet of 4,700 feet of Comcast
    • 1,600 of 3,900 feet of Town Fiber

How to Follow Progress & Get Updates

A dedicated listserv has been set up for those interested in receiving construction updates and notifications via email or text. Subscribe at and look for the "Town Center Project" under News Flash.

Project Description

  • Repair the curbs, streets, and sidewalks, including the required improvements for handicapped accessibility and drainage upgrades
  • Reconfigure the location of the curbs and sidewalks to create more continuous and ample sidewalks, safer crosswalks, new open space, and traffic-calming strategies
  • Remove the utility poles and overhead wires to allow for new trees to be planted along Boston Post Road between Colpitts Road and School Street

The Open Space Plan, Tree Selection, and Tree plans are located below, along with the 100% construction plans.

Final Construction Plans