Elderly Housing Committee

The Weston Town Moderator is seeking a volunteer to fill a vacancy on the Elderly Housing Committee.  The Committee's charter is to "...appoint a committee, and fill vacancies therein, of five residents of the Town to renovate, construct, reconstruct, equip, furnish, rent and manage at and on the site of the Brook School a building or buildings for the purpose of providing housing for elderly persons of the Commonwealth of low and moderate income..." 

The current housing inventory dedicated to Weston’s elderly and disabled is 75 affordable rental units located at the Brook School Apartments on School Street, which are managed financially on a self-sufficient basis. The Committee meets generally once per month in the morning.  Given the current composition of the Committee and its responsibilities for the financial review of the operation of the housing inventory and for the preparation of appropriate pro formas to support proposals for expansion of elderly housing inventory, the Moderator will give preference to volunteers with an interest in elderly housing and formal financial experience.  

Interested parties should contact Tom Crane at moderator@westonmass.org no later than May 31, 2018