0 Wellesley Street

The Affordable Housing Trust is charged not only with working to implement the Town’s Housing Production Plan but also to generally promote affordable housing in Weston.

At the May 2017 Annual Town Meeting, $950,000 was appropriated to the use of the Trust for the purpose of creating affordable homeownership units. Since then, the Trust identified a piece of Town-owned property at the corner of Route 20 and Wellesley Street (map below), which was transferred to the Trust by the May 2018 Annual Town Meeting to develop housing units  that are similar in scale to the houses in the adjacent Wellesley Street neighborhood (see Development Parameters and Guidelines below). The Trust issued a Request for Proposals for interested non-profit housing developers and Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston was selected.

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston

The organization met with the Trustees to describe its development, community engagement, and housing selection process. The presentation can be found below. Habitat Greater Boston is seeking to build six cohesive and attractive homes that reflect the character of the neighborhood and enable six well-qualified families to own a home in Weston. These units will be permitted under the Local Initiative Program (LIP) of Chapter 40 B. 

The proposed project is at a preliminary stage. The design team, which includes the architect, engineer, and landscape architect has spent the past couple months since February incorporating input from the initial community meeting and finalizing the design. The site and building plans show a pleasing layout with appropriate street and abutter screenings and architectural designs that pay homage to the local neighborhood character - all of which will be shared at an upcoming community meeting on September 28th.

Community Engagement

A project email has been established and residents who are interested in following the progress should email westonoutreach@habitatboston.org to join the email list to be notified of public meetings and to submit any questions or feedback. 

A project website has also been established by Habitat Greater Boston, as well, at HabitatBoston.org/Weston