The following quotation is from the book "Sustainable Preservation: Greening Existing Building" by Jean Carroon:

"No description of a sustainable world can avoid addressing the completely unsustainable way in which 'developed' countries carelessly use and dispose of materials. Throw-away cultural norms apply as directly to buildings and their components as they do to plastic bottles. Current economic structure and cultural attitudes support new over old replacement of repair. A sustainable approach takes an entirely different tack. A sustainable world values stewardship, repairability, and durability because a sustainable world recognizes that every new object has substantial but hidden environmental costs, including health impacts, that may be irreversible.”

Don't Buy Replacement Windows for Your Old House, by Regina Cole for Forbes Magazine, that examines how replacement windows will not perform well enough to justify the cost.

Economics, Sustainability, and Historic Preservation
, an article by Donovan Rypkema on the website Preservation North Carolina, argues for the preservation of original windows and makes the case for historic preservation as sustainable development.

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Should your Old Wood Windows Be Saved? by Rob Yagid. This article in the magazine Fine Home Building weighs the options with cost, complexity, efficiency, and preservation in mind. 

The Right Thing - Green Windows and Window Restoration, what are the facts and myths of the replace vs. restore historic windows debate?

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