133 BPR Background

The initial proposal by Boston Properties called for 345 rental units with 25% set aside at the 80% area mean income (AMI) along with additional commercial office space. The development itself was identified and discussed as a friendly partnership development in the Housing Production Plan (HPP). In order to move forward with the project, the existing Development Agreement with Boston Properties would need to be modified, which requires a vote of Town Meeting.

The Selectmen sent a conditional letter of support to MassHousing in 2016, requesting further investigation into school, traffic and financial impacts to the Town, as well as a request to reduce the total number of units and to find an appropriate access road for the development (it was originally proposed at Church Street, which was immediately declined). These conditions were also outlined in the First Amendment to the 2008 Declaration of Restrictions with Boston Properties.

The next proposed site access was proposed for Jones Road in Waltham, which requires approval through its city council. The project continued through the public process in Weston through the Planning Board, as site issues were further discussed, and the Zoning Board of Appeals during the Comprehensive Permit hearingshowever, the proposed total unit count and size of the commercial space remained larger than desired and abutting neighborhood concerns grew, which prompted negotiations through the Planning Board and halted the comprehensive permit hearings through the Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Boston Properties and members of the Planning Board held several neighborhood meetings during negotiations. During this time, the Planning Board enlisted input and analysis from engineering and financial consultants for traffic impacts and a fiscal impact analysis of the site's development. Additionally, comments and concerns from abutting neighbors were collected that the Planning Board considered during its review.

The Planning Board drafted its first set of recommendations to the Board of Selectmen in late winter of 2018 and its final report to the Selectmen in the spring. The Selectmen decided to pause the negotiations temporarily over the summer. 

Background Documents

Boston Properties also set up an online site with meeting updates and a comments section so residents can directly ask questions of the developer.  

All documents on this proposal can be found online with the Zoning Board of Appeals comprehensive permit hearings.