518 South Avenue

Hanover Weston200 180 rental units on 4.5 acres within 9.5 total acres

The Hanover Company, working with 518 South Ave LLC, has filed a Comprehensive Permit application with the Zoning Board of Appeals for Hanover Weston. 

The Comprehensive Permit public hearing process with the Zoning Board of Appeals opened on August 19, 2019; however, based on updated land area calculations from the Town Planner and working with Town Counsel, the Board invoked Safe Harbor. On March 15, 2021, the Housing Appeals Court denied the Town's claim and ordered the comprehensive permit hearing process to reopen. The Town has 180 days to complete the hearing process. The hearings reopened on April 7, 2021.

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Project Library

Additional documents relating to peer reviews and public or staff comments are available on the Project Library reference web page.

Project Status

The Board of Appeals granted the applicant's request to extend the time to complete the hearing process to November 30, 2021.

On November 21, 2021, the Board received a request to grant an extension of the 180 days to close the public hearing.

On November 22, 2021, the Board received a revised set of documents and plans, shown below.

On the dates indicated below, the Board has received updates, comments and revisions.

The Board intends to close the public hearing on June 29, 2022.  After the close of the hearing, the Board will deliberate in public,  but with no public testimony.  The Board must render a decision no later than 40 days from the close of the hearing.

Hanover Weston Submission 6-29-2022

Hanover Weston Submission 6-16-2022

Hanover Weston Submission 6-29-2022

Hanover Weston Submission 5-26-2022

Hanover Weston Submission 5-18-2022

Hanover Weston Submission 3-25-2022

Hanover Weston Submissions - March 2022

Hanover Weston Response to Peer Review 3-3-2022

Hanover Weston Presentation 1-18-2022

Hanover Weston Presentation Revised 12-14-2021

Major Plan Revision received 11-22-2021

Revised Plan Set October 13, 2021

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Construction Management Plan

Ground Water Modeling - Updated August 3

Architectural Plans - Updated August 3

Traffic Impact Study - Updates

Revised Plan Set: April 27

Re-opened Hearing: April 7, 2021

Safe Harbor Status

Continued Hearing - October 22, 2019

Comprehensive Permit Application Documents