Leak Survey and Audit

With the support of the Sustainability Committee, members of the Sustainable Weston Action Group (SWAG) asked the Select Board for an independent audit of the Town's gas infrastructure in order to better understand its full condition.

Phase 1

In February of 2019, the Select Board approved Phase 1 of the audit, which aimed to survey the town’s road network and locate all elevated methane levels.

Phase 2

The survey was completed in April and showed that there are 66% more leak locations than reported by National Grid at the end of 2018. Members of SWAG and Gas Safety Inc. presented Phase 1 survey results in May and requested the Select Board approve Phase 2 of the audit, which would conduct a full assessment of all elevated methane locations, confirming the source and size of the leak, and document any existing or potential damage to surrounding vegetation and trees.

Final Report

The interactive map summarizing the results of the audit was built from the following information:

Gas Safety Inc. Final Audit Report - June 2019 (PDF)