Benefits of Weston Power Choice

By using a municipal electricity aggregation program, a town can very efficiently effect a change in how energy is produced. Participants will benefit from:

  • more choices
  • a reduction of their carbon footprint
  • greater price stability, and
  • the potential for lower electricity supply rates


The town chooses several options for energy mixes, with defined percentages produced from renewable sources (e.g., wind, solar). These options can be formulated based on resident feedback, and effectively provide choice as well as fiscal control in the form of stable, predictable rates to individual residents, typically including one option that closely resembles the current energy mix and pricing. 

Weston Power Choice will not replace Eversource as Weston’s electric utility. Weston will choose its own electricity supplier, but participants will remain Eversource customers. They will receive and pay just one electricity bill from Eversource, as they do now.

Several examples from surrounding towns show that residents can save money on their electricity bills while receiving more power from renewable sources than the state-mandated 14%. Acton, Lexington, Natick, Newton, Sudbury, and Watertown are among the municipalities in our area that have already implemented a CCA, and Lincoln has begun its process. 


Weston Power Choice is being designed so that it increases the amount of renewable energy in the Town’s electricity supply. By replacing the burning of fossil fuels with the use of renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy, Weston is working to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases. Electricity generated from renewable sources, such as the sun and wind, does not create the greenhouse gases that cause climate change and does not pollute the air.
  • Support New England-based renewable energy projects. Weston will prioritize buying renewable energy from New England-based renewable energy projects. By creating additional demand for the electricity generated by those projects, Weston Power Choice will help to support existing projects and stimulate the development of additional projects.
  • Support local businesses and local jobs. Purchasing renewable energy from New England-based projects means supporting New England-based businesses and the jobs they provide to local communities.

Additional Information on Renewable Electricity

A great amount of detail on Weston Power Choice and renewable electricity can be found on the Town’s consutlant’s web page set up specifically for Weston at