2020 Annual Town Election

ATE20editThis year is an unusual election cycle due to the ongoing public health emergency of the coronavirus. The Annual Town Election has been called for Thursday, September 10, 2020 (as approved by Superior Court).

Vote by Mail

All residents are encouraged to submit a Vote by Mail Application (PDF) if they wish to avoid in-person contact on election day. Please note, any resident that is sick or under quarantine should request a mail-in ballot. The applications are due to the Town Clerk on September 3rd. Read more info...

Utilize the Secure Drop Box

For residents wanting to avoid mailing their application or ballot, and want to hand-deliver it in the supplied envelope, a secure drop box is installed by the double glass doors at Town Hall. This is checked throughout the day. Applications can be delivered there until Sept. 3rd at 5:00 p.m. and ballots can be deposited there until 2:00 p.m. on September 10th.

A Note on In-Person Voting

For those wishing to cast their ballot on election day, in person, all precincts are to report to the Town Hall Auditorium between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 10th. A facial covering (e.g. mask, neck gaiter) will be required in order to enter the building and residents who are either sick or under quarantine are asked to request a ballot by mail in the interest of public safety. 

Residents should anticipate a longer than usual wait time, as well as the potential of waiting outside before entering Town Hall. Due to social distancing and other protective health measures, as well as state guidelines for indoor gatherings, there will only be 12 voting booths set up in the auditorium.

Register to Vote in Weston

Residents must be registered to vote in Weston in order to participate in Town Election and Town Meeting. Voter registration deadline is August 31. You may register to vote online or in person. If you are unsure of your registration status, you can check online. In-person registration will be held on August 31 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and again from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Get to Know the Candidates

Weston Media Center and the League of Women Voters will be hosting opportunities for residents to learn more from the candidates running for office. The League has scheduled it's annual Meet the Candidates for August 27th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. See the agenda and pre-submitted question requirement. Weston Media Center announcements are forthcoming, as well.

A description of the duties and responsibilities for each office is available online on this PDF or by clicking the name of the office in the grid below. 

2020 Candidates for Weston's Elected Offices

+Incumbent. *Caucus Nominee. ~Candidate was appointed and must be elected to fill the remainder of a vacated term
Office Candidate Term Limit
Select Board 
(vote for one)
Harvey R. Boshart+*
Mary Ellen Sikes
Three years
School Committee 
(vote for one)
Danielle Black+*
Alyson Muzila*
Three years
Recreation Commission 
(vote for three)
Maija K. Cirulis-Gooch*~
Eric Rosenthal+*
Three years
Planning Board
(vote for one)
Anthony Flynn+* (resigned)
Alex Selvig*
Five years
Board of Assessors
(vote for two)
John Hennessey+*
Tamilyn Liesenfeld+*
Three years
Board of Library Trustees
(vote for two)
Julie D. Panagakos+*
Joseph W. Mullin+*
Three years
Board of Library Trustees
(vote for one)
Susan Scott*~ One year
Board of Health (vote for one) David Kominz+* Three years
Commissioner of Trust Funds
(vote for one)
Robert Trumbull+* Three years
Moderator (vote for one) Ripley Hastings* One year
Measurers of Lumber
(vote for three)
Aidan Fleming+*
Neil Levitt*
Henry Viles*
One year

What is Prop 2-1/2?

The ballot question below is a debt exclusion question. If you are unfamiliar with debt exclusion in municipal budgets and how it impacts the tax levy, a Proposition 2-1/2 primer is online, as well as a history of override votes in Weston.

Ballot Question No. 1 - Proposition 2-1/2 Debt Exclusion

Shall the Town of Weston be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bond(s) issued in order to design, engineer, construct and equip the following, including all costs incidental and related thereto: (1) DPW-Drainage Improvements; (2) South Side Drainage Improvements; and (3) Town/School Network Improvements?  Yes_____     No_____


State law provides for an exemption from the limits of Proposition two and one-half of those amounts required to pay for the debt service for bonds approved by the voters.  Question 1 would exempt the debt service for the bonds that will be issued in part for projects to be considered at the 2020 Annual Town Meeting:

Projects to be considered by 2020 Annual Town Meeting:

  1. DPW-Drainage Improvements (Article 17):  $400,000
  2. South Side Drainage Improvements (Article 18):  $2,585,000
  3. Town/School Network Improvements (Article 19):  $945,000

Total:  $3,930,000

Separate articles appear in the Annual Town Meeting Warrant to appropriate the funds and authorize borrowing for each purpose.  A two-thirds vote of Town Meeting in favor is required for approval.  This ballot question is only to exempt the debt service from the limits of Proposition 2½, should these items be approved by Town Meeting.

The debt service for the projects to be considered at 2020 Annual Town Meeting is estimated to be $98,268 in fiscal year 2022, $399,177 in fiscal year 2023, then decreasing each year until the bond reaches maturity.  This Proposition two and one-half debt exclusion shall be approved if a majority of the persons voting thereon vote “yes.”