Climate Hazards and Response

Climate Hazards

The Town of Weston has already experienced the impacts of a changing climate to a certain degree and we can expect to face increased impacts into the future. Weston’s top  climate hazards include:

climate hazards: intense storms, flooding, drought, extreme heat

Learn more about about the Trends and Projections of Climate Change in Weston (PDF).

How Weston is Responding

The Weston Ahead Climate Action and Resilience Plan was developed over the course of a year and focuses on enhancing our community’s resilience to these and other hazards. The plan is developed around five key elements and follows six guiding principles.

The Plan Elements, depicted in the image below, represent the topics assessed to enhance Weston’s resilience. They are expressed in a visionary form to reflect our goals.

enhance weston's resilience: healthy ecosystems, connected mobility, efficient buildings, resilient infrastructure & services, & sustainable resource consumption

Our Guiding Principles represent our priorities and ensures that all actions included in the Weston Ahead Plan are relevant and focused. These priorities include:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  • Good Governance
  • Regeneration
  • Regional Collaboration
  • Resilience

Learn more about the plan on the Weston Ahead Flyer (PDF).