Proposed Weston Wetlands Bylaw

Protecting Weston's Unique Wetland Resources through Local Control 

The Weston Conservation Commission is proposing a Wetlands Protection Bylaw at Annual Town Meeting 2023 

 Here's Why:

To strengthen existing state law. The state Wetlands Protection Act (WPS) omits protection for two important wetlands resources: isolated wetlands and vernal pools. Let's protect ALL wetland resources in Weston.

To codify existing local policy: The Conservation Commission has established a 25-foot No Disturb Zone as policy since 1988. Let's codify that important resource protection area as a regulation and bring consistency and transparency to environmental regulation. 

Establish local control over enforcement of wetlands protection laws: Let's join more than 200 communities in Massachusetts that have already enacted wetlands bylaws and provide fair and sensible oversight over wetlands protection in Weston.

 Learn more at these upcoming Conservation Commission presentations 

March 14, 6:50 pm: Presentation to Select Board* 

March 28, 7:30 pm: Conservation Commission Public Meeting* 

April 13, 7:00 pm: Public In-Person Presentation- Weston Town Hall  

*Agenda with meeting Zoom link can be found at

The WPA and proposed bylaw protects 7 public interests vital to Weston 

Public and private water supply protection 

Flood control 

Groundwater supply protection 

Pollution prevention 

Storm damage prevention 

Fisheries protection 

Wildlife protection  

 Additional Resources: 

Proposed Wetlands Protection Bylaw (PDF)

A Local Bylaw to Protect Wetlands- Joe Berman and Ellen Freeman Roth, Weston Conservation Commission

Proposed Wetlands Bylaw FAQ's

Proposed Wetlands Protection Bylaw Powerpoint Slide

The Weston Conservation Commission is a 7-member volunteer board appointed by the Select Board to administer the state Wetlands Protection Act and manage approximately 1,800 acres of municipal conservation land.