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Our on-demand programs cover a diverse range of subjects related to health & wellness, aging, travel destinations, cooking, events, and more to fit your interests. Check out our library and click on the images for the direct link to the recording.

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Health and Wellness
close-up photograph of a blue eye with electronic images circling pupil and eye Opens in new windowThe Aging Eye: Preventing and Treating Eye Disease
person with their hand up to their ear with a red dot in ear indicating hearing Opens in new window
Hearing Loss: Everything You've Wanted to Know
x-ray of a knee Opens in new windowNew Treatments in Osteoarthritis
torso of a person in white clothes holding their side and stomach with overlapping image of crooked spine in red indicating pain Opens in new windowImproving Posture with the Alexander Technique
close up of a blue eye and wrinkled face  Opens in new windowLiving with Low Vision
Man holding his neck in pain  Opens in new window
Understanding Pain: What It Tells Us and What We Can Do About It
back pain Opens in new windowUnderstanding Back Pain and Tips for Improvement 
image of person with nerves in red  Opens in new windowWhat to Do About That Pain in The Neck
leg and foot with red coloring to indicate pain  Opens in new windowMy Feet Are Killing Me: An Overview of the Most Common Foot Problems
outline of shoulder and chest with red heart and veins indicating cardiovascular system Opens in new windowCardiac Q&A
man asleep in bed with head on pillow  Opens in new windowSleeping Well: Sleep Disorders and Tips for a Better Sleep
ayurveda image of torso and head of a man with lines spreading from body to outside Opens in new window
Using Ayurvedic Wisdom to Boost Your Immunity

yellow background and woman with pigtails eyes closed and hands at her chest taking a deep breath Opens in new windowAyurvedic Approach to Pranayama: The Power of Breath
spices and herbs Opens in new windowAyurvedic Herbs and Spices
skeleton of shoulder and ribcage Opens in new windowAn Ayurvedic Perspective on Bone Health
male urinary system Opens in new windowThe Aging Male and His Prostate
female urinary system graphic Opens in new windowFemale Incontinence

person's chest with red stomach Opens in new windowHeartburn and GERD
Part 1 Diet and Lifestyle
Part 2 Medical and Surgical

doctor speaking with patient at desk Opens in new windowHealthy Aging: What can a geriatrician add?
hazard symbol with a person slipping Opens in new windowFall Prevention

birds-eye photograph of allergen foods: oranges, chocolate, peanuts, nuts, eggs, pomegranate, mushrooms, milk Opens in new window
Food Allergies Versus Food Sensitivities

knee joint with red symbolizing pain Opens in new windowKnee and Hip Arthritis: Exercises Can Help
man and woman Opens in new windowLet's Get Physical: The biopsychosocial aspects of aging
blue gloved hands and someone's skin Opens in new window
Dermatology Overview and Q&A
FEB building better bones Opens in new window Building Better Bones
Skeleton on yellow and blue-green background Opens in new windowOverview of Our Bodies
Learn About Your Body to Keep it Moving Well in the Years to Come
Hip x-ray Opens in new windowKeep Your Hips Moving
Knee x-ray Opens in new windowKeep Your Knees Moving
shoulder x-ray Opens in new window
Keep Your Shoulders Healthy
Arthritis: What it is & How to Manage the Symptoms
should i stay or should i go housing Opens in new window
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Housing Panel)
on wooden table life insurance, estate plan, will, medical directives, and coffee cup Opens in new windowPlanning Ahead: Preparing for Long-Term Care
estate planning icon Opens in new windowEstate Essentials
white binder with colored tabs Opens in new windowLife Transition Binder: What is it and how to make one
estate planning wills Opens in new window
Estate Planning and Elder Law 101
pill bottle with $20 bill inside and 2 pills
Programs and Strategies that Help with Medication Costs
man with hand in blue shirt using a button fastener Opens in new window
Assistive Devices for Aging in Place
close up of 2 hands clasping another's hand Opens in new windowSpringwell Inc. Info Session: Supports Available to Older Adults

Town of Weston Library logo and reads: weston public llibrary how to use the weston public library at home Opens in new windowHow to Use the Weston Public Library at Home

gable of a house with solar panels Opens in new windowEnergy Efficiency and Solar for Your Home

compost crate filled with food and waste Opens in new window
Recycling and Composting in Weston
pill bottles with labels and filled with white pills  Opens in new window
Medication Safety

clipboard with Medicare form and pen Opens in new window
How to Prevent Medicare and Healthcare Fraud
fire truck Opens in new windowWeston Fire Department Presents SAFE Program
computer screen with scam on it Opens in new windowCons, Scams, and Schemes
pile of medical bills Opens in new windowThe End of Surprise Medical Billing
large tree with many roots above ground Opens in new windowAfter Death: Exploring More Options
person holding flowers with their hand on top of a casket Opens in new window
Funerals 101

A Virtual Journey Around the Globe
Unfortunately, our monthly live virtual tours must be attended in real-time, as they are not recorded, but we are lucky to record our many other travel presentations! Happy travelling!
Sagrada Familia cathedral with rainbow in background Opens in new windowGaudi's Barcelona
lagoon, mountains, and hydrangeas Opens in new windowAzores
image of a white building with red roofs on a river Opens in new windowBudapest
buildings with lights reflecting on the river Opens in new windowBratislava
two strings and one close-up of red paper lanterns with tassles Opens in new windowChinese New Year
building tops against a blue sky Opens in new window
Six bags of colored powder, one with a spoon Opens in new window
Travel to India to Celebrate Holi, the "Festival of Colors"
Chinese building in the forbidden city, blue sky Opens in new window
The Forbidden City
Smiling woman holding a map Opens in new windowTraveling Solo... and Loving It

Mesa Cliff Dwellings Opens in new windowMesa Cliff Dwellings 
Washington Monument at sunrise or sunset Opens in new windowThe Washington Monument
inside dome of the Pantheon Opens in new windowPantheon
Christ the redeemer statue above the city Opens in new windowGreat Wall of China and Chris the Redeemer Statue
Machu Picchu and blue sky and clouds Opens in new windowMachu Picchi & Chicken Itza
Taj Mahal Opens in new windowThe Roman Colosseum 
& Taj Mahal
Petra Opens in new windowPetra & the Great Pyramids

tray of dumplings Opens in new windowDumplings Around the World
birds eye view of roasted chicken with rosemary and a half lemon on wooden table Opens in new windowFall Recipes
close-up of seeds Opens in new windowAyurvedic Winter Desserts
vegetables and fruits in rows of green, yellow, red Opens in new window
Cooking for Self-Care:
A Diversity of Foods
corner of a pizza, crust, sauce, cheese, spinach, and small tomato slices Opens in new window
Debunking Food Fads and Myths: Pizza at Home
white bowl filled with white chicken chili, tortilla strips, red onion, sliced jalapeños, and a slice of lime Opens in new window
One Pot Meal:
White Chicken Chili
bowl filled with quinoa on table spoon with quinoa, lemon, cattor, tomatoes, broccoli, half orange bell pepper Opens in new window
Quinoa Bowls with Sweet & Smoky Vegetables
dumplings and chopsticks on orange plate
Chinese Street Food
stinky buns with pecans on top Opens in new window
Summer Brunch

History and Current Events
front of a yellow house with white picket fence and green lawn Opens in new windowLongfellow House: Where American Character and Culture Were Shaped
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
suffrage movment Opens in new windowVotes for Women: Massachusetts Leaders in the Women's Suffrage Movement
Odetta Opens in new windowMusic of the Civil Rights Movement
pavarotti (1) Opens in new windowLegendary Singer Pavarotti
white round building with black windows Opens in new window
Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer
red white and blue buttons with stars that read vote and 2020 Opens in new window
The 2020 Presidential Election: An Election Like No Other

chocolate (2) Opens in new window
Massachusetts Chocolate History
Untitled design (2) Opens in new window
Lowell Cemetery Tour:
Rich in History

inside of the Waterworks Museum Opens in new windowBrawl in the Engine Hall
peace panel Opens in new windowInternational Day of Peace: End Racism. Build Peace.
Race Amity Day birds eye view Opens in new window3rd Annual Race Amity Day

white paper that says story with glasses sitting on top Opens in new windowHow to Save a Life: Writing an Autobiography
woman wearing black leotard dancing with red billowing material on a black background Opens in new windowUnderstanding Modern Dance
shelves with folded towels, blanket, white wicker basket Opens in new windowGetting Organized
woman letting go of an owl and it flying away Opens in new windowBirds of Prey
dance and drum Opens in new window
Afro-Caribbean Dancing and Drumming
hands drumming Opens in new windowAfro-Caribbean Drumming