Transfer Station Information and Documents

Residents may take their household recycling and solid waste to the Town's Transfer Station, located off of Church Street (address and hours are to the right). A permit is required for entry and may be obtained through the mail or in person at Town Hall. Permits must be renewed annually by September 30th and can be renewed online as an added option. Only Weston residents may use the Town's Transfer Station and no commercial waste is allowed.

The permit application and important information about the facility can be found below, including a comprehensive list of everything that is accepted for recycling.

Additional Information

Directions to Facility

The recycling and transfer station facility is located off Church Street near the Kendal Green Railroad Station, just west of the intersection of Church Street and North Avenue (Route 117). For a full view, see map above.

Turn into the Kendal Green parking lot and drive to the end of the lot, then turn right to enter the Transfer Station. The bridge is a single lane. Vehicles entering the facility yield to those exiting.